Recognized worldwide for its traditional craftsmanship, Italy was the obvious choice for VEYS.

Like the greatest jewelry houses, Veys & Co. has entrusted its production to the best Italian artisans and it is in Arezzo, in the heart of Tuscany, that all its 18K gold creations are produced

The company is also associating itself with traditional watch manufacturers, whose technics are used know-how are used to produce the Diapadon Vibes collection.


Women and men behind each creation are free to express and promote their particularities and to highlight their differences, thus bringing out the best and the uniqueness of themselves for the benefit of creation.

People are at the center of the company, at the heart of all our attentions : intertwined stories that help write the chapters of the company’s success.

The finest pieces cannot be crafted without sharing a common passion for elegance, and detail. At VEYS, well-being and mutual attention are behind every creation.