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Terms of Use for Veys & Co. sarl and VEYS© digital presence

By accessing the publicly accessible webpages (hereinafter referred to as the “digital presence”), users accept the Terms of Use of Veys & Co. sarl and VEYS© (hereinafter referred to as “VEYS”) digital presence that are set out below.

VEYS and its strategic subsidiaries are jointly responsible for the digital presence. Veys & Co. sarl is responsible for operation and represents the digital presence to the outside world.

More information on VEYS can be found under “About us”.

Please refer to the Privacy Policy for queries relating to data protection aspects of the digital presence.

The individual services and offers accessible via the digital presence are the responsibility of the companies identified in the description of the respective services and offers, and the contractual terms and conditions applicable to them shall take precedence.

No element of the digital presence represents a binding offer.

VEYS strives to provide information that is accurate and up to date at the time of its publication in the digital presence. However, VEYS does not guarantee and accepts no liability for the veracity, reliability, completeness and accuracy of this information, and reserves the right to amend it at any time.
Such information is used at the users’ own risk.
Where legally possible VEYS accepts no liability for damages or consequential damages arising from access to and/or use of the digital presence or the inability to access or use the digital presence.

The digital presence may contain linked content that does not originate from VEYS, its websites or social networks accounts, as well as links to websites or content owned by third parties over which VEYS has no influence. VEYS accepts no liability for content of this kind, nor for the products, services or other offers provided on the respective websites. Likewise, VEYS accepts no liability for websites that link to the digital presence or otherwise use information from the digital presence.

All intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademarks and the material published in the digital presence (i.e. text and images) are owned by VEYS or the latter is authorized to use them. You are permitted to make extracts for your own private purposes (i.e. for non-commercial use) under the precondition that all intellectual property rights are respected. This includes all copyright notices included in connection with such content (e.g. © 2024 Veys & Co sarl).
Copyright notices, other legally protected designations and copyright management measures such as robots.txt, metadata tags and watermarks must be respected in all cases and must not be removed. The absence of copyright management measures may not be taken as consent to the use of our content.
Complete or partial reproduction, transmission (by electronic or any other means), modification or linking of the digital presence for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without the prior written consent of VEYS.
Indexing by search engines is permitted as long as the Terms of Use for VEYS digital presence are complied with, in particular the technical measures for copyright management. This permission exclusively encompasses the purpose of displaying content in search results.
Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation in the protection of intellectual property.

To the extent admissible by law, all legal relationships between the users of the digital presence and VEYS shall be subject to substantive Swiss law. The sole place of jurisdiction is Geneva, Switzerland.


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