General Care

VEYS jewelry is designed to be worn every day and in all circumstances. Although they do not call for any specific maintenance, they should always be handled and cleaned with delicacy. As they are valuable objects, we advise you to take a few simple precautions. 

First of all, it is normal for jewelry, whether silver or gold, to lose its luster with use and time. Natural tarnishing frequently called oxidation, is common to all precious alloy products and may disappear with professional cleaning. 

Diamonds or stones set on jewelry are delicate and even inadvertent shocks could damage or break them.

For those reasons, we do not recommend any type of personal intervention rather than simple care and cleaning. Restoration of surface treatments such as rhodium coating should always be left to a professional. 

When not worn, always store your jewelry in a clean and dry place, away from any chemicals or source of heat.

18K Gold and Sterling Silver

It is normal for jewelry, whether silver or gold, to lose its luster with use and time. Normal usage, perspiration, or external causes such as humidity, temperature, pollution levels, contact with detergents, creams, perfumes and water, in particular swimming pool water (chlorine), hot springs (Sulphur) or Ocean (Salty Water) or salty air can, contribute to a change in the original appearance of the product surfaces. The phenomenon that causes jewelry to lose its luster and change its appearance to darker color is scientifically known as “tarnishing” and more commonly known as oxidation. It is common to all precious alloy products and may disappear with professional cleaning.

The extent and speed of this phenomenon cannot be predicted, as it depends on many factors.

To prevent oxidation as much as possible, VEYS has chosen to coat all its silver parts with a layer of rhodium. 

To maintain your jewlery in good conditions, it is advisable to regularly wipe the surface with a soft cloth, paying attention to the finish of the jewelry and any stones.

  • Avoid any direct contact with other hard or sharp materials.
  • Avoid any direct contact with any chemicals (detergents, cosmetics, pools) or salty water.
  • Always take off your jewelry while playing sports, swimming, sleeping or manipulating chemical substances

We recommend you to store it in a clean and dry place away from any chemical or heat sources.

Always clean your jewelry with a soft brush in lukewarm water (never hot) and lay them out to dry on a soft, lintless cloth. Soak in jewelry cleaner for better cleaning.  Bring your jewelry to any VEYS store, affiliated service center or regular Jewelry store for specific cleaning or care.

Consult us should you need any further advice on cleaning.

VEYS Piano String Signature Design in 18K Gold or Sterling Silver

VEYS piano string bangles are flexible enough to help putting them on your wrist but in no case should be over stretched to avoid any damage. Our sterling silver is rhodium coated but its colour may eventually fade overtime subject to natural oxidation. Always remove your jewelry before swimming in the ocean or a swimming pool, using detergents, putting on creams of fragrances.

Some jewelry items may be very delicate due to their unique designs and use of thin chains.

  • Do not use over-force when taking off your jewelry after use.
  • Do not roll up the chain. Properly place the necklace without bending it and let the necklace rest completely inside the VEYS Pouch.
  • Do not put any heavy items or hard surface onto the pouch as they might deform your item.
  • During the cleaning process, do not exercise too much pressure on your jewelry as it may damage or deform it.