Diapason VIBES Bangle Yellow String, Yellow Buckle and Diamonds

449 CHF

Introducing VEYS’ most iconic collection Diapason in a new variation called VIBES crafted from recycled steel—a chic twist that embraces sustainability to the forefront. This signature collection, reminiscent of the elegance of the classic piano strings, showcases the emblematic Diapason design in yellow, rose or white color. Enhanced with captivating diamonds, this timeless design exudes a chic, gender-neutral allure, setting a new standard in style and conscience.

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Inspired by music, the Diapason Vibes collection features the iconic Diapason design on the signature piano string. Reflecting VEYS’ essence, It symbolizes a delicate and harmounious balance between elegance and simplicity. The mix of diamonds and colors brings a modern twist to this timeless collection.


Recycled Stainless Steel in Black and Yellow